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Heredia, the province of flowers

Heredia, the province of flowers, has a variety of places to visit, like colonial buildings and national parks.

Heredia’s main city has colonial architecture all over the town. There are iconic buildings such as a colonial tower of an old Spanish fort called El Fortin, the Casa de la Cultura which holds historical and art exhibitions, and a church built-in 1796 called La Inmaculada Concepción.

A part of Heredia is in Central Valley, which is an important coffee producer region in the country. In Mercedes Norte, visitors can take the Britt Coffee Tour that is a fun, insightful, and exciting way to experience the journey of true gourmet coffee, from the plantation to that irresistible brew.

About nature, Heredia has the Braulio Carrillo National Park, it is one of the largest protected areas in Costa Rica, and it has the roughest topography in the country. In this park, there are high mountains densely covered with forests, and many canyons where rivers and streams flow. It has two sectors for public use: Quebrada González and Volcán Barva; and a sector for protection and investigation called The Ceibo.

The Barva volcano is a peak of 9,534 feet high. In the park, visitors can see Barva Lagoon, surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. Also, adventurers can hike in the four trails that go to different attractions: bird watching, Vara Blanca viewpoint, the volcano crater lagoon, and Copey lagoon.

In Heredia is La Paz Waterfall Gardens, a famous waterfall in Costa Rica. It is a privately owned ecological attraction, that also has an animal sanctuary with over 100 species and an environmental education program.

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