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Awesome attractions in San José

San José is the most populated province in Costa Rica (32,6% of the population), that’s because here is the capital city, also known San José, which is the economic center of the country and where the most important universities, hospitals, and shopping malls have headquartered.

This province is in Central Valley and has a mild climate. In general, Costa Rica has only two seasons: the dry season and the rainy season. But San José keeps a temperature near to 76 F the whole year.

In San José, there are many museums, theaters, art galleries, parks, bars, and a wide variety of restaurants. For example, Jade Museum has the largest collection of American jade in the world, the National Museum is in a historic building called Cuartel Bellavista, and the National Theater stands out for its architecture from the end of the 19th century.

San José Teatro Melico Salazar

I have visited the museums on certain occasions, but I love “Art City tours” that take place at night visiting all the museums that I can encompass.

Moreover, the capital has the biggest urban green space in Costa Rica, La Sabana Park. Also, here is the National Stadium, one of the most modern and high-tech stadiums in Central America and the Caribbean.

Also, San José province has beautiful natural places to visit, like San Gerardo de Dota, a spectacular cloud forest surrounded by mountains giving the place a unique scenic beauty. Near is Los Quetzales National Park that is special for bird watching. The best season to go is between December and May, which is the peak quetzal season.







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